Prepare for the Season with Winter Wiper Blades

If you live in extreme winter weather conditions, not just any windshield wiper blade will do. While there’s just about every auto part on the shelf imaginable, wiper blades serve a distinct purpose. They can help provide a streak-free wipe while remaining flexible during cold and freezing temperatures. With poor visibility, you’re placing your safety and that of others at risk.

While there are different types, they are all generally constructed in a way to keep the wiper blade from freezing. Manufacturers also construct them so that they’re easy to change. Effective winter wiper blades go through -20-degree testing. This assures drivers their blade will work under the harshest of winter weather conditions.

If you’re due for new windshield wiper blades, but not sure which type to buy, bring your vehicle down to our dealership and we’ll fit your vehicle with the right blades. Our staff at Route 46 Hyundai wants everyone to have a safe winter.

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