5 Thing You Must Bring on Your Next Road Trip

The holiday season is nearly upon us in the Hackettstown, NJ area, and our team at Route 46 Hyundai is preparing our customer for their end of the year travels. The following five items should be in your car before you leave the safety of your home on that upcoming road trip.

  • Bringing an empty gas can will allow other drivers to be able to help you get fuel without having to search for a can in new town.
  • Having a set of jumper cables means that any motorist that stops to help you has the ability to jump your battery.
  • Bringing a couple cans of fix-a-flat can get your disabled car to a service station.
  • One gallon of engine coolant can help with an overheated engine and get your car to a gas station easier.
  • Flashlights can help flag down drivers or be used to help with repairs at night.

Be sure you make time to stop over at 28 & 40 US Highway 46, and our crew will check all those moving parts on your vehicle before your long trek.

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