Hyundai Fluid Service Overview

The difference between a car lasting 10 years or 20 years is all about maintenance. Fluid change is the main defense in preserving your car. The more mileage you put on a car, the more wear and tear on your cars mechanical parts. We have some advice for you here at Route 46 Hyundai to keep in mind.

The medium to insure the smooth efficient running of your vehicle is its fluids. The fluids of your car absorb the heat and lubricate the parts to insure grinding and overheating don't occur. As the fluids do their job, they breakdown and become less effective at protecting your vehicle’s parts.

The car’s manufacturer outlines a schedule for vehicle maintenance including the amount of mileage that can be driven before each individual fluid needs to be changed. Bring your car into our service center to ensure these maintenance needs are handled.

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