Making the Big Decision Between Buying or Leasing a car

Most people are usually torn between leasing or buying. Some people will tell you that buying is better while others will insist that leasing is the way to go. However, it all depends on what suits you best.

When leasing:

• You make lower monthly payments and down payments if any.
• It is possible to get a better car with less money
• The vehicle’s warranty caters for repair.
• The sales tax is also lower.
• It is easy to acquire a new vehicle after every two years.
• There are few trade-in hassles when the lease comes to an end.

When you choose the buying option:

• You save more money.
• There’s no mileage limit involved.
• You can make any modifications to your car.
• You can sell the car or use it as a trade-in.

It is usually up to you to decide which one works for you. Be sure to contact our dealership to learn more about these two options.

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