At Route 46 Hyundai, we want you to be an informed vehicle owner. We want you to understand the importance of your vehicle's mechanical parts. Your vehicle is a very important asset, and it needs periodic maintenance.

Your vehicle has hundreds of gaskets that control fluids and gases. Gaskets are designed to fit the specific make and model. They can withstand a variety of harsh substances and extreme temperatures. Gaskets are usually made from multi-layered steel.

However, they can be manufactured with copper or rubber. The head gasket fills the space between the engine block and the cylinder head. The intake manifold gasket controls the temperature. It also blocks air from leaving the chamber during combustion. A gurgling sound in the radiator can indicate a gasket malfunction. The engine overheating can also indicate a gasket malfunction.

If your vehicle has any mechanical problems, we can inspect the gaskets. Come visit us in Hackettstown, NJ for a thorough inspection.

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