Booking Your Routine Maintenance Appointment at the Dealer in Minutes

Getting a routine maintenance check on your vehicle just got easier. The days of sitting in the waiting room while a dozen other customers get worked on first are coming to an end. Now customers have the opportunity to book their service call online and then get the car worked on as soon as they arrive at the dealership.

The ease in which customers can use the new online service scheduler is incredible. Simply open the application and choose a date that you would like to get your vehicle serviced. Then choose a time slot that is open, and arrive that day to get work done. The closer to the appointment date, the less time slot will be open. A good thing to consider is to leave some time so that you have more time slots to choose from on your date.

Stop by Route 46 Hyundai in Hackettstown, NJ after using the online service scheduler for faster service!

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