Could a Full Tank of Gas Make Winter Travel Safer?

It might seem like something simple, but driving around with the gas tank full of fuel will actually make winter driving safer. These are a couple reasons to keep the gasoline in the tank at the highest level.

If the car breaks down on a deserted road and you are low on fuel, there will be no way to run the heat when the car eventually stops running. Keep that tank full so that if you ever break down, you have the ability to keep the inside warm until that help does arrive. The less fuel in your car's gas tank, the more room for the moisture to form. That moisture will crystallize and clog up the fuel line which could stop the car engine dead in its tracks at night.

These safety tips from our mechanics at Route 46 Hyundai will ensure you have the best chance of getting around on those slick roadways. Stop in for service with our team at 28 & 40 US Highway 46 today!

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