There is far too much misinformation about motor oil in circulation. These falsehoods can lead to long-term damage, so it's essential you avoid them at all costs. We have listed a few of the most common below.

Black motor oil does not indicate a problem. Many people believe black motor oil is less effective than that which is an amber color. This idea has no basis in reality. It actually contradicts reality; black motor oil means it is working hard to clean your engine. In reality, if your motor oil ISN'T black after a certain period, you may want to replace it.

Next up, one of the most confusing rumors: The meaning of the W on the back of your motor oil's packaging. Many people assume this stands for weight- it doesn't. The W means weight and refers to the weather conditions in which the oil will be most effective. Cold temperatures affect motor viscosity, and the designation accounts for that fact.

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