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Route 46 Hyundai Welcomes the 2020 Hyundai Palisade to Hackettstown, NJ

After much anticipation, Route 46 Hyundai is proud to welcome the 2020 Hyundai Palisade to our new SUV lineup here in Hackettstown. The new Hyundai Palisade is one of the largest Hyundai SUVs we have to offer in Hackettstown, NJ, with three rows of seating and ample leg room for up to up to eight adults and plenty of upscale materials inside and out. The Hyundai Palisade is available for you here and now at Route 46 Hyundai in Hackettstown, NJ, so check one out today; we are less than 30 minutes outside of Randolph!

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What Does Your Warranty Cover?

When customers at Route 46 Hyundai purchase a new or certified pre-owned vehicle, they have a choice of purchasing a powertrain warranty or bumper-to-bumper warranty. There are differences in these two options we think our customers should fully understand in order to make the smartest investment for their needs.

A powertrain warranty covers the vehicle's propulsion system components, including the engine and transmission, the constant velocity joints and driveshaft. But certain parts such as drive belts and fluids, the clutch and battery are considered wear parts...

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Buying Used Can Be a Smart Choice for Your Next Vehicle

Buying a pre-owned car used to be the last act of desperation for those who needed a vehicle but couldn’t afford to buy new. Today, however, buying a used car is a great option for those who have limited credit, a tight budget, or who just want to save money over buying a new car of equal quality and features. Buying used can be a great frugal choice that can save you money and provide you with a vehicle that is just as good as new.

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Mind Your GAP insurance

When you go to Route 46 Hyundai and are asked whether you want GAP insurance, your first reaction is most likely, "No thanks, I'll just get comprehensive coverage on my car." People believe that this will be all they need should the car be stolen and not recovered, or totaled.

The fact of the matter is that comprehensive insurance will cover the "value" of the car, but you will likely not get the full amount you paid for that vehicle. GAP insurance is…
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Making the Big Decision Between Buying or Leasing a car

Most people are usually torn between leasing or buying. Some people will tell you that buying is better while others will insist that leasing is the way to go. However, it all depends on what suits you best.

When leasing:

• You make lower monthly payments and down payments if any.
• It is possible to get a better car with less money
• The vehicle’s warranty caters for repair.
• The sales tax is also lower.
• It is easy to acquire a new vehicle after every two years.
• There are few trade-in hassles when the lease comes to an end.

When you…

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